Felt Project: Preface

Why vinyl? If we were to pin down an exact reason why vinyls have captivated generations of music listeners (ourselves included), no answer would have sufficed.

While nostalgia surely plays a part in the older music fans’ fondness for vinyl, it doesn’t explain why a bunch of 20-somethings who didn’t grow up with the sound of a needle dropping on a groove would now hunt down first pressings and remastered versions of The Queen is Dead or In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Honestly, though, who could resist a large heavy disc wrapped in a 12 inch sleeve artwork?

The resurgence of vinyl has been happening for quite some time now, in fact, it has reached a 25-year high in 2017. Whether it’s a college student shelling out his last bucks for a reissue or a budding DJ who longs to do his digging “the old school way”, vinyls have become all the rage again. With vinyl collecting, came the need for turntables. As impractical as playing music gets, turntables demand us to get personal with them, a person’s setup would be different with everyone else’s. Of course, pesonalization wouldn’t be exciting without an element of decoration. That’s where slipmats came in. Once an instrument for DJs to manipulate the spinnning of their vinyls smoothly, they soon became a part of vinyl culture in their own right, covering platters everywhere from dust while making a statement about the owner’s individuality.

With Felt Project, we aim to capture Indonesia’s growing music scene. Inviting 38  music institutions ranging from record labels, music stores and eveything in between, we present Indonesia’s vibrant music culture in the form of 12 inch slipmats. From funky colors, seductive disco-flaired imagery, grim reaper to trippy artworks, participants gave a glimpse of who they are and what they do through 3mm polyester and PVC ink. To document a point in the local music culture, archive its diversity and connect music enthusiasts alike, Felt Project is our love letter to our common obsession.


List of Contributors:
– Irama Nusantara
– W Music
– Funkbox
– Bhang Records
– Javabass
– Monsterstress
– This That Media
– Studiorama
– Poptastic!
– Fever! Soundsystem
– Lawless
– Keep Keep Musik
– Offset
– Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah
– Dead Records
– Double Deer
– Laid Back Sessions
– Scrubs
– Bandung Soul Club
– Jakarta Soul Club
– Never Too Disco
– Dekadenz
– Sound of Wax
– Goodnws
– Jam Malam

Text by Almer

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