Diskoria Selecta: Disco From Indonesian Oldies Records

Diskoria Selekta engages the dance floor crowd through a broad selection of Indonesian old records. The act is brought forth by Jakarta based duo Merdi and Aat. Formed in 2015, their affinity for record collecting became an inspirational fuel to the union. Inspired by a DJ from Turkey who incorporates Turkish oldies into their works, they decided to do the same with Indonesian retro music— tweaking decade old tunes into something danceable to the younger generations.

Sharing similar musical preferences, Merdi and Aat were originally involved in a band whose genre is far from dance music— both came from hardcore and punk roots. Growing up with a brother who is also a DJ, Aat realized that his brother’s influences has nurtured his appreciation towards dance music. Merdi enjoys disco records from various continents, such as Africa, Japan, and Middle East. As they continue to expand their musical horizon, their shared passions for old Indonesian records ignited their creative journey to explore more 80s and 90s music.

The bubbling enthusiasm from Indonesian audience oftentimes baffles the two as they are under the assumption that most Indonesians aren’t into local groove music. Even once they attended an event in which Indonesian music are disallowed from getting onto the turntables. After all, mainstream dance music audiences mostly favor foreign music and DJs. However as they frequently attend more DJ-ing opportunity, they discovered that nowadays people are more open to alternative music as they often experience flood of masses fill their dance floor, eager to be entertained by their selection of oldies.



Their audience is diverse bunch, from youngsters to people who came from the same generation as the music Diskoria plays, from metal heads to club frequenters. Even parking lot attendant once expressed appreciation for their music that was heard through the walls of the venue building. It served as the undeniable proof that the spirit of Indonesian old music unites people from various backgrounds— triggering nostalgic feelings reminiscent of singers or musical acts alike from the past.

Through their mixcloud account, Diskoria showcases their journey of musical exploration by sharing mixes of their live set from various venues, such as bars and music festival. Diskoria is also known for their involvement with Suara Disko. The latter is an event well known for their inclination towards Indonesian local disco music, named “Pesta Disko Indonesia” so much with a sappy self commentary “Cinta Ditolak Disko Bertindak”. Diskoria has just finished their tour to several cities in Indonesia with Suara Disko along with Fariz RM, a renowned musician whose songs were popular in his generation.

Alongside their involvement in Suara Disko and their increasing popularity, Norrm has invited Diskoria to participate in the Felt Project— adding more queues of numerous musical elements that are involved, from record labels to music stores, all in to celebrate the vinyl culture.

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