Bandung Screening My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records

My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records is a documenter movie about Sarah Records, the legendary independent record label active in Bristol, UK, from 1987 until 1995. This movie which was directed by Lucy Dawkins in collaboration with YesPlease! Productions told the story about when the record label still active through an interview with the founders, Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes, several music groups and people who had connections with the label also some footages of live performances from Sarah Records’ bands which never publicized before. In 2015, My Secret World got an award in Best Film category at Royal Television Society West of England Awards.


The movie itself took 4 years in the making progress and was shown for the first time on May 3rd 2014 alongside an exhibition of Sarah Records titled ‘Between Hello & Goodbye’ in Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. After that, My Secret World travel around several countries to New York, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Margate, Bologna, Leeds, Rome, Brighton, Norwich, Belfast, Manchester, Cambridge, and movie festivals in Spain, Greece, and some countries in South America. Until finally, Bandung became the last city of the long series of My Secret World screening held at Spasial, November 29th 2015 hosted by Norrm.



The ticket for the movie screening was priced only for Rp. 50,000-,. There were several contents which people could enjoy beside movie screening, which were exhibition, discussion, and hearing session. They could also get official merchandise from the movie screening such as buttons, tote bag, and t-shirt. People who came to the screening not only from Bandung, some of them were from out the city, like Jakarta spared their time to came.


While waiting the screening to start, the crowd could see visual artefacts from Sarah Records shown on the exhibition at the entrance door, such as press releases, event posters, newsletter, fanzine, and other visuals made by them during their active years.



The events itself started off with a relax discussion called “not so serious conversation w/”. At the first, it was David Tarigan and Angga Adiyatama who opened the chill-out conversation, but because of the non-serious convo itself, Dandy Ahmad Ramdhani a.k.a Sir Dandy and Sutuq joined the pack. The quartet shared their story about their encounter with Sarah Records and talked about the trail record of Sarah, especially from visual aspect which was the theme of the discussion.


After the discussion session, then it was the main event’s turn. People who came spent an hour and a half quietly enjoying the movie. The event was closed with a hearing session from Sutuq, Elang Eby, and Kumyka X Ario Sapi whom played some Sarah Records’ releases and other releases within the same year.



Text by Adytio Nugroho

Translated by Puja Nurkholifah

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