Duduk, Manis: An Unorthodox Music Video Premiere

Text by Ferdin Maulana


Duduk Manis is an event of documentary screening, focused on local artists. But of course, there will be more than just a movies screening. The presence of intimate discussions and music performance— presented by Norrm which held regularly every year in Spasial.


Duduk Manis #1: White Shoes and The Couples Company di Cikini

Duduk Manis premiere event was held on May 5, 2016. Featuring documentaries video and live music by indie pop band from Jakarta, White Shoes and The Couples Company. White Shoes and The Couples Company di Cikini is a documentary about an ongoing concert at Graha Bhakti Budaya, a legendary theater that stands firmly to this day. Henry Foundation as a friend and collaborator documenting events that include every moment of a series of historical backlash that tells all members about the band itself and their birthplace, Cikini.



Duduk Manis #2: Better to Love with Grace Sahertian

Grace Sahertian, is a natural born singer and songwriter with a strong soul and the influence of jazz music in her vein. The way she sings seems to have an endless series of light illuminations. In Grace’s hands, music sounds like a living thing, breathing and growing out of animated music. She sings with her heart by bringing the audiences to silence and gives a big glimpse of what she feels through her music. Better To Love was chosen as the first single, which was released on May 3, 2016.

On August 12, 2016, the second Duduk Manis was held by inviting Grace Sahertian— Playing Better to love music video— one of her songs from the ‘Hela’ album.


Duduk Manis #3: Jamie Aditya

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, a third Duduk Manis event was held again with “LMNOP-Duduk Manis with Jamie Aditya”.

Large open space— Spasial, Saturday was packed with a proper stage which is decorated with wood pieces background and filled with Wellborn, Spasial, Duduk Manis, and Norrm logo. Norrm was responsible for the layout and decoration of the showcase location. On the left of the stage was deliberately set wide screen to display a short documentary video of Jamie Aditya and his crew in preparing this showcase.

Around eight in the evening, the showcase was started by Grace Sahertian stunningly singing her songs from her first solo album “Hela” which was released in February. Visitors was immediately filling any empty space in front of the stage and they all stand enjoying Grace’s performance.

Before starting his show, Jamie Aditya asked the audience to ‘sit well’ in their respective seats in order to be more comfortable enjoying the showcase. After all the audience sat down, Jamie Aditya starts the show with a song called Tuesday that will be on his next album. The audience was drifting in every song that was filled with soul, pop and funk nuances, especially when Jamie plays Alien and Questions. After performing a total of six songs, he announced officially that the LMNOP album will be available in vinyl.

Despite only a mini showcase, LMNOP – Duduk Manis with Jamie Aditya is successfully treating the music enthusiasts of Jamie Aditya, especially those who are live in Bandung.



Duduk Manis #4: Mondo Gascaro “Raja Kelana”

Born in Jakarta with Indonesia and Japan descents, Mondo Gascaro began to exploring music since his early childhood. Beside regularly watching traditional Javanese wayang dramas, he used to sit listening to his grandmother playing “Bengawan Solo” piano, while his father was also a singer. Used to listen to old singers like Nat King Cole, Sinatra and Bing. Crosby. Mondo Gascaro’s influence of the music varies from the Beatles to the ancient Classics of Ismail Marzuki or Steely.

On Saturday, November 26, 2016 Mondo Gascaro attended the fourth Duduk Manis with “Naked” music video screening, a discussion about Raja Kelana album, and also performing in live music.


Duduk Manis #5: Mustache and Beard “Senyum Membawa Pesan”

Folk music band from Bandung— Mustache And Beard released their debut album titled Manusiaku Manusiamu Manusianya in the late 2016. The release of this album is a proof to their existence in the world of Indonesian music. It was also engraved on Friday, February 10, 2017 when they presented their first music video in collaboration with Rasamala Film entitled “Senyum Membawa Pesan” in Spasial Bandung.

Screening for the music video was warmly welcomed by audience’s enthusiastic. Simple Sitting Concept featuring showcase as well as screening which very intimate with all the audiences. After the performance of two songs from Mustache And Beard, visitors were surprised by an instant dropping curtain that immediately confronted with a video clip premiered Mustache And Beard called “Senyum Membawa Pesan”.

After the music video screening, there was a question and answer session with one of the Mustache and Beard member and Rasamala Film personnel accompanied by the host. The conversation interspersed with laughter and light jokes into warmth in the series of the show. The stage that became an area for discussion is decorated by a complement like leaves and trees that means to give the impression of nature, according to the music video “Senyum Membawa Pesan” that uses the outdoors as a background in the music video.

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