Spasial Session: An Intimate Show at Spasial

“Special Session” is an intimate music performance that wipes out boundaries between the audiences and the performers, presented by NORRM

Spasial Session 01

At the first event of Spasial Session on 9 September 2016 ago. Strange Fruit, a band who started their career as a garage rock band unit invited five artists for collaboration to exhibit his works that interpret the most of their current single ‘Anything That Glows’ into a visual form. This inaugular event also featured band from Bandung, Soft Blood.




Spasial Session 02

A month after the inaugural event, Spasial Session was again held on November 17, 2016 with a solo folk guitarist Oscar Lolang to fill the rainy season at that time with his beautiful melodies.


Spasial Session 03

In this third event, Spasial Session collaborated with Kolibri Rekords, an independent label from Jakarta. Special for this session there will be a showcase from the bands inside Kolibri Rekords scene.



“Who Let the Birds Out?” Is the headline for the third Spasial Session. The event was held on Saturday, 28 January. Independent music scene bands from Jakarta like Bedchamber, Low Pink, Kaveh Kanes, Gizpel, plus two latest Kolibri rosters; Seahoarse and Grrrl Gang were whistling melodiously in the Spasial open spaces that Saturday night.


Spasial Session 04

In the fourth edition, Spasial sessions was held simultaneously with Short Gateway Tour by Christabel Annora. Christabel Annora, a multi-talented pianist from Malang who was also a singer and a songwriter promotes her debut album ‘Talking Days’ in four cities; Sukabumi, Bekasi, Jakarta and Bandung. With the theme of promotion ‘Short Gateway Tour’ enliven Spasial’s park on March 22, 2017 together with Mustache and Beard and Alvin and I.



Spasial Session 05

Spasial Session fifth edition will feature a “Milkbox” showcase from a Jakarta band, Barefood. The event was held on April 12, 2017. In addition to the full album showcase from Barefood, the fifth Spasial Session is also enlivened by other band performances like Secret Meadow, Sunny Summerday, and wreck.



Spasial Session 06

The sixth Spasial Session is the latest Spasial Session, This session held a Showcase from Jakarta independent band which is full of 60s music nuance, Indische Party. Together with The Schuberts, The Panturas, and Bitzmika on 3 May 2017.

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