Adult Swim Discontinue The Missing Notebook Rhyme

On Wednesday, September 27, Adult Swim cancel Missing Notebook Rhymes series. A collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and MC DOOM (formerly known as MF DOOM). This project is scheduled to last a total of 15 weeks with new tracks each week, started since August 7.


Earlier on Tuesday, the default URL for the project,, showed a crashed page. Later in the day, the URL stopped directing to the crashed page and as of now, it goes to the Adult Swim music main page. A statement sent from Adult Swim spokeperson to XXL said, “ Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will unfortunately have to remain… missing. We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans.”


It remains unknown if the remaining The Missing Notebook Rhymes will be officially released as a record. DOOM who maintain scarce from social media and rarely gives interview has not commented on the incident.

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