Fazerdaze: The Lo-Fi Sweetheart is Coming to Jakarta

Having only released her first full album in May 2017, the timid dream pop songstress Amelia Murray a.k.a Fazerdaze has successfully snatched the ears of Indonesian youth. It is not unusual to see friends repeating Fazerdaze’s Morningside on Spotify, the bedroom recorded hazy pop of the New Zealand musician has its own charm to not be missed. The rising fame of Fazerdaze in Indonesia is possibly fueled by the fact that Murray herself is a half Indonesian. Putting her ethnicity aside, anyone who has encountered Fazerdaze’s lo-fi pieces would probably caught up with her lighthearted songs and the sentimentality behind it.


Although initially Murray struggled alone as a musician, she eventually found band mates to join her live shows, Mark Perkins on guitar, Benjamin Locke on bass, and Elliot Francis on drums. She was only 20 when she had her first EP and her music career took off. The 24 year old admitted to an NZ news site, Spinoff that she channeled her inner angst to music as a way to cope with her messed up family. With family members that don’t talk to each other, Murray left as the only one who’s still in good terms with each of her siblings and parents.The effort to produce her own CD wasn’t easy. The CDs were all burned at home, and Murray had even stitched the sleeves together by hand. What surprised her was that her EPs were all sold out; people liked the idea of the records being handmade. 


Fazerdaze independently released her self-titled debut EP in October 2014 with the help of multi instrumentalist Jonathan Pearce. That was before Murray signed into the legendary New Zealand based record label The Flying Nun Records, where she once worked as intern. Murray frequented herself on performing in local shows until she finally garnered more attention, ultimately playing on music festivals and touring overseas.


Now that Fazerdaze has gained international recognition, three Jakarta based collective Studiorama, Noisewhore, and Six Thirty Recordings teamed up to bring her to play in Rossi Musik Fatmawati on Saturday, October 21. Two other bands to complete the show’s line up are the Yogyakarta’s indie darling Grrrl Gang and the Jakarta based underrated indie pop Sharesprings. The two shared proximity to Fazerdaze’s tunes with their sweet jangly guitar and head bang inducing beats.  Unfortunately for those of you haven’t bought the ticket, Studiorama announced last week that the tickets are sold out. Stay tune on Norrm to get exclusive reports on the show!



Fazerdaze Live in Jakarta

21 October 2017

Venue: Rossi Musik, Fatmawati

Ticket: IDR 250K (Sold Out)


Text by Nadzifa.

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