Sales New Track “Talk a lot”

When we heard about bedroom pop, the first things pop up on your mind tend to be that lo-fi with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it presence. That kind of music that you’ll forget the song and artist in a week. So much has been said about the creative Floridian duo SALES in recent years, that it feels totally fitting for Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih to return after the self-released SALES LP in 2016 with a fresh track entitled Talk a Lot.

Comprising three minutes typically appealing lo-fi fare, original songwriting formula with comparatively busy parts,  vacuum-sealed percussion replete with coolly confident vocals and lashings of crisp bass, they’re literally “making it look easy” all over again. This song is suitable for your independent-music-ear to enjoy if you are a fan of TOPS and Frankie Cosmos.


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