Archipelago Festival: Indonesia’s First Ever Music Conference and Emerging Talent Festival

The dynamics of music industry is ever changing. Local music scene is brimming with new comers that either bloom or wither as the path towards recognition is never easy. Old players too, will have to struggle to maintain their existence and popularity. Despite the pervasive presence of media that perpetually underline players within music industry, it’s undeniable that in order to be heard a lot of bands, musical acts and record labels behind them have to build strong image to elevate themselves in the public eye. Through social media, anyone can make themselves seen, with persistence and constant effort to gain and engage audience. Apart from musicians and record labels, there are infrastructures such as venues and event organizers that are crucial to the whole scene. These infrastructures help connecting musicians to the greater public. Without it, fans wouldn’t be able to face their admired ones.


Like everything else, there’s an ecosystem in music industry in which everyone plays its own role. Archipelago Festival intends to gather everyone involved in the music scene, as a means to honor the people who have contributed their works in their own respective fields to the music industry, whether it’s record label, music collective, event organizer, venues, as well as the musician itself. The line ups playing in the event would not only be coming from Indonesia, there will also be international acts such as Afrikan Boy, We Are Imaginary, Chloe Martini, and many others to perform on stage. Not only showcasing up and coming musical acts, Archipelago Festival also harbors music themed conference with a lot of key figures, to name a handful, Kartika Jahja, Ade Paloh, Yockie Suryo Prayogo, Mondo Gascaro, Arian13, David Tarigan, and many more.  


Within 2 days, Archipelago Festival bridges the gap between the old and new, the idols and the fans, the producer and the consumer. Aside from that, the festival also aims to address and amplify issues within music industry. One of the issues being the regeneration of music industry which previously discussed in a pre-event titled Catch Your Wave Talks that took place in Bandung last Sunday, Oct 8. Microgram Entertainment that serves as Bandung community partner to Archipelago Festival helped organized the pre-event. With Teguh Wicaksono from Sound from the Corner as moderator, the talk also presented Idhar Resmadi, Angkuy of Bottlesmoker, and Dwi Lukita as speakers.


The bottom line is, there’s an enormous potential in our local talents, and Archipelago Festival intends to encourage its audience to appreciate and support them. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or someone who has already plunged into the music industry, each of us plays an important part inside the ecosystem. See you this weekend!

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Text by Nadzifa.

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