I Won’t Have To Think About You: A Compilation by Bayu and Moopie

This is not a mere coincidence at all. Bayu and Moopie, the duo behind Melbourne based record label A Colourful Storm, are seemingly true to their passion in sunny, twee pop. A Colourful Storm is not a record label known for pop releases as most of the records they release belong to artists who are affiliated with Techno/Minimal/Electronica genre. Their latest compilation appeared like an oddity compared to their previous issues. “I Won’t Have to Think About You” is a compilation filled with indie pop bands from the coasts of Australia. This compilation seemed like a depart from their usual genre, sparking interest for those who have been following their releases. And this wouldn’t be an excuse to not listen to their latest release.

Australian indie pop bands have history significant enough to leave marks in the international indie pop scene. The Go Betweens was the one who begin the long lists of Australian indie pop bands, and they became the first and only band that did not originate from Scotland in the Postcard Records. Ya Ya Choral started their music career in 1982, followed by The Cannanes in 1984. Then there was Even as We Speak and The Sugargliders that belonged to the English record label Sarah Records. The Cat’s Miaow has already founded in early 90s, sharing member with The Ampersands. The list goes on as there are other Australian indie pop bands unmentioned here that have emerged since the 80s.


Bayu and Moopie, like previously told in our interview a while ago, admittedly became a “victim” of Britpop invasion during the late 90s. To see them putting together these songs into a bittersweet compilation is something well expected from them as they both share the same affinity for twee pop bands. The compilation becomes some sort of personal touch among other releases that heavily related to electronic music.


(Oh, while writing this piece I remembered I had to move the playlist from Klon Dump to their latest one.)



The Cat’s Miaow’s song “Not Like I Was Doing Anything” serves as an opener to this journey down the Australian coast. Hailing from Melbourne, the hot summer weather might inspire Bart Cummings’ songwriting. It tells the story of being in the state of boredom, not doing anything.


You didn’t have to ask/ You know you’re always welcome here,” sings Kerrie Bolton, as if welcoming us to listen to this compilation.


Next in line there’s ‘Driving Me’ a track by The Particles that follows the opening track. The track takes us driving from Melbourne up to Sydney, the home of The Particles. Coming up behind ‘Driving Me’ is a track that belongs to The Ampersands. ‘Affected’ brings us to Geelong, a town in south west Melbourne where the band originates from. The Ampersands slightly reminds me of Heavenly, an English band from Oxford fronted by Amelia Fletchers. To describe it simply, their music sounds like a friendly pop suffused by punk. Together with The Cat’s Miaow, The Ampersands shared one of its member Andrew Withycombe.


Then our coast to coast journey ends with The Cannanes with its song ‘Lamington Lane’ from their split album with Timonium. Personally I think it’s the right song to end the compilation. Our long journey down the Australian coast stops here.


‘I Won’t Have to Think About You’ is an artefact for Australian indie pop scene. There are seminal bands that, god knows how, Bayu and Moopie managed to find. Surely the knowledge to these bands inhere to those who have immersed themselves long enough in the indie pop scene. In our previous interview, Bayu and Moopie revealed that the bands were surprised to be included in this compilation. These bands probably think that their era ended long time ago. And perhaps people of today wouldn’t have any recollection of their songs. The compilation has became some sort of memento that brings us back to the day. And for that, Bayu and Moopie did it well.  

I Won’t Have to Think About You is available here.

Text by Mirza Wardhana, translated by Nadzifa.

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