A Hot Friday Night with HOMESHAKE

“Is it really Jakarta?”


I was questioning myself immediately after I arrived in Gambir Station. The weather was actually different – breezer than the last time I visited the city. “Is it near the apocalypse?” I asked myself. Though then my driver told me Jakarta was dampened by heavy rain several days ago. Yep, it started to make sense why the weather was suitable for me. Even  the weather quite resembled the concert that I would visit tonight, HOMESHAKE.


I still remember my last concert in Jakarta, Fazerdaze, that was also held at Rossi and also organized by Studiorama and Noisewhore, minus 630 Recordings that didn’t participate for this event. From that experience, I insisted to be at the venue at 7 pm sharp. During the journey from the cafe to Rossi, there were many laron in the street which often appear whenever there will be rain. Luckily, I arrived at Rossi before the rain came (which is didn’t happen that night, only drizzles).


There were still many people hanging out on the ground floor when Plural, a psychedelic pop band from Jakarta, was occupying the stage. It was my first time hearing them eventhough they’ve released an EP back in 2016.


I noticed each band would play as it is written on the rundown. When the clock hit 9, Rayssa Dynta entered the stage. Used to be a member of an accoustic duo, she is now a new roster from Double Deer Records. Playing electronic pop, she is hugely influenced by BANKS and Rhye. She performed all materials from her EP, including her upcoming first single, ‘Something About Us’, which will be released on January 25. At  times in the middle of the performance, I heard some off beats from the electric percussion. I suggest they need to improve their live performance, especially when dealing with such big crowd.


Most people began to enter the venue when Rayssa was on stage. Knowing HOMESHAKE would be next, they were reluctant to go back outside. People were cheering when Peter Sagar, Mark Goetz, Greg Napier, and Brad Loughead appeared in front of them. More or less than 600 people occupied Rossi. HOMESHAKE started off with ‘Hello Welcome’, the intro from their latest album, Fresh Air. The temperature inside suddenly risen. Many people sang along with high-pitched-esque in some part of the songs like ‘Every Single Things’ and ‘Khmlwugh’. Actually, I haven’t heard their latest album until three days before the concert. After I saw their live performance, I can tell the difference from all of their albums. For me, it was fun to identify and differentiate each song.



That night was really hot in the pit and stage. I often saw this Montreal-based band took a little break after finishing series of songs. Stopped a while to wipe their sweats or bent down to drink water. It was so hot, even the committee need to install a “fresh air” that aimed to the stage. Why? Because the ACs felt like some ornaments in Rossi, some giant fans won’t hurt, right? Also, it was unfortunate that the lighting operator sometimes was unresponsive when Peter asked him to turn off the front fresnel light until the crowd needed to scream to make the operator noticed it. There was no encore, I could understand though, because the heat made them easily exhausted and they still need to catch the next show in Bangkok as part of their Asia tour.


In the end, it was a good night. It was also a nice encounter with Salina Ladha who made all of the artworks for HOMESHAKE album whom I know later as the wife of Peter Sagar, the man behind HOMESHAKE itself. Indeed, It was too hot of a venue for a warm/chill vibes like HOMESHAKE to play. It was satisfying however, because I prefer to enjoy intimate set rather than festival set. I could focus and feel the interaction between the musician and the audience. There are still more rooms for improvements for the organizers to do in the future but I can’t wait to come to their next events soon.


Text by Fajar Eka, edited by Puja.

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